Early Birds

Oil and Acrylic on  Panel

Available through:
Rehs Contemporary Galleries
5 East 57th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10022

“Early Birds” is about an unlikely pairing of friends. Brought together by a common interest of collecting brightly colored lollipops, Julie Bluebird and her human friend Daisy set out early in the morning when the lollipops are the freshest and at their most pristine.

Eating breakfast to the sound of songbirds, while watching them eat out of my window bird feeder is one of my favorite morning routines. The cardinals always seem to be the first to arrive and I love they way they frequently chirp, quickly turning their bodies this way and that with each call. In homage to this I included a hidden quote by English poet Alexander Pope. It can be found in the background of this painting and I felt it was perfect for this story. “Hear how the birds, on every blooming spray, with joyous music wake the dawning day.”


About Julie Bluebird

Julie came into this world singing beautiful songs from the moment she hatched. Her theatrically inclined parents felt the perfect name for her was Julie; naming her affectionately after Julie Andrews. Julie was so enthralled with song that one morning she accidentally tipped over the edge of the nest and hit her head on a branch of a caramel apple tree on the way down. The unfortunate accident thankfully spared her singing abilities. However, her memory after the event left much to be desired. If she doesn’t see someone regularly she forgets who they are. When she makes plans too far in advance she will forget what she’s supposed to do outside her normal routine. So, she takes lots of pictures to help her remember. The problem is she’s taken so many pictures she can’t get through them all on a daily basis. And while figuring out how to take pictures with her delicate wings wasn’t a problem, writing on the back of them with a pen has eluded her and thus she often can’t remember why she took the picture in the first place.

Julie Bluebird works hard everyday picking the caterpillars and other bugs off the flowers at Sweet Ambrosia’s and Sorbet Square Gardens in town. Julie adores her job and often happily sings songs while she works; after all, she has to live up to her namesake. She likes to rise very early in the morning so she can get it all done by mid afternoon and save the rest of the day for touring the countryside on the wing.

The framed painting.

The framed painting.