Art Supply of the Week - Detail Brushes

My Favorite Detail Brushes

It's no secret I love using a variety of brushes. Here are some of my favorite brushes that I use for detail work.

For the smallest of teeny tiny details and my signature I use the Winsor & Newton Scepter Gold II. They hold up very well. For general use I prefer the larger 0 and 1 over the 0000 but sometimes you just need a super tiny brush.

The Escoda Prado rounds (size 1-6) are wonderful general detail brushes and maintain a nice point even after much use. 

My favorite brushes for painting facial details, ears and fingers are the Escoda Optimo filbert (size 2), Isabay Mongoose (size 0-3)  and Vermeer rounds (size 2-8). The Vermeer brushes do not hold up anywhere near as well as the other two by a long shot. In fact, they wear out so fast that I wouldn't normally accept that kind of short life from a brush but there really isn't anything else that I have found that is exactly like them. I use the Vermeer rounds for skin and anytime I need lost edges such as at the hairline and also brow. I wouldn't go below size 2 on the Vermeer.