Art Supply of the Week - My favorite yellows

Here are some of my favorite yellows...

5 tubes of paint

Raw Sienna - This is my number one go to color for skin tones. I also use it to tone my ground before painting landscape and portrait or figure paintings. Rublev also makes a gorgeous Italian raw sienna that is amazing for all the above but has a bit more grit to it.

Mars Yellow - I use this one when I need a touch more chroma in my yellow hues in my skin, hair and when making higher chroma touches for green eyes. I also find it useful in landscape painting and florals. Why use mars yellow instead of yellow ochre? Yellow ochre is quite hygroscopic and can lead to cracking over time with fluctuations in humidity. So in this case I can substitute with Mars yellow, a hue that I prefer anyways, and theoretically have a longer lasting paint film with a pigment that is still lightfast. 

Michael Harding Cadmium Yellows - I use these primarily for painting floral subjects. The Cad Yellow light is one that I use in landscape painting to get those higher chroma GY leaves. The Golden yellow is a great pigment to start with when painting lower value and chroma yellows for a yellow object's shadows.