Art Supply of the Week - Palette Knives

My Favorite Palette Knives

 #20 & #44: Blick Palette Knives made by RGM, Red: an older version equivalent to the Blick made by RGM #5

My favorite palette knives are actually considered painting knives. I use them mainly for mixing paint and cleaning off my palette at the end of the day. Once and a while I have used them for painting when the need for more texture arose and they performed beautifully. All are made in Italy by a company called RGM and are nice and nimble and flexible. The one in the center is the newest version of RGM's palette knives.

I like a variety of sizes for different tasks. The larger ones are more useful for mixing large piles of paint and scraping down my palette. The smallest is useful for work that requires more finesse such as scraping down little unwanted brush stroke ridges on the paintings surface or scooping out that last little drop of paint from a spent tube.